We are the world’s largest independent supplier of tinplate and aluminum components for the aerosol, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry. We employ 500 people worldwide, more than 140 in Germany alone. We produce stamped and deep drawn parts on progressive tools and transfer presses in Germany, the USA, Spain, China and Argentina. The finishing of aluminum surfaces of our components is done by anodising. We continue investing in our plants and based on the support of our Technology Center in Langenselbold, we are able to respond to customer needs individually by manufacturing prototypes.




Our colleagues think their workplace is great because…

we are guided by clear and transparent values according to which we conduct ourselves in our cooperation,

we have state-of-the-art industrial workplaces and exemplary occupational health and safety, youth protection and only regular working conditions,

we are informed about all essential things in the company. We receive our information personally and up-to-date,

we are involved in the company’s activities and participate in its success by taking responsibility for our own work and setting personally agreed goals,

we have an open and supportive corporate culture in which people can gain qualifications and grow with the company,

we can rely on our management, the alignment with corporate goals as well as the strategies and working conditions,

we can count on personal esteem, social consideration and economic stability,

we work for a product family and for markets that offer us good prospects for shaping and growing,

we are well networked and strong together with our global Group companies,

Clear structures, where everyone knows everyone and takes the direct, personal path to the solution

Proven know-how for reliable standard and innovations from our own resources

New Work means intelligent networking with partners inside and outside the company

Open for learning opens up development opportunities